There are a series of pictures and documents by the Wizard that are being given to a company run by trusted people.  They will be authorised to sell them by auction to fund the following:


To create a Charitable Organisation open to all religions and people of concern. It will be free from influence of government, politics, business, and control by religious organisations or pressure from supporters and is to be called –




To be used to resist people intent upon creating changes that will adversely affect others or the planet but not themselves.  To do this without harm to those creating these changes.

It is the intention that both the company and the organisation will employ the use of the occult, to be overseen by the Wizard and others.  It will teach and guide in the use of the occult for the benefit of all people.


All those people with good intention please register your interest by leaving your name and contact address, so that you may be contacted when your help is required.  NO MONEY WILL BE ASKED OF YOU.

Your Site address where you may be contacted………………………………………………