now the greatest test and dangers coming


You can see the result of the human mind at work;  roads, cities, machines  of all kinds and the efforts made to understand and control the World.

What is not seen is how the matter that composes the Universe is directed.   Understanding how human thought can control human activity then it is a simple leap to understand that thought is also required to direct matter (particles) to all things in the Universe.

Consider the power of thought and energy involved in it all.

This is the awesome, frightening power that is reality.  The minutiae and the enormity of everything is beyond calculation and any ability to describe.

We are all a product of that thought and energy.

dangers coming

Understand that there is danger to us all when government, military or commerce start to engage in psychic and occult methods in pursuit of power. They are doing so in secret.  Science can be controlled and scientists crushed by those who provide the finance. Would people engaged in this have your best interests at heart ?

I do not forsee universal happiness in the age of Aquarius.

How much influence will unelected and unaccountable business Oligarchs have in this and are they to be trusted?