Seeing true reality alone

The beginning of wisdom is understanding your stupidity.  DO NOT BE OFFENDED – we are all stupid in our different ways.  True reality is all around you and is not to be found in a machine.  It cannot be taught and only you can find it by NOT seeking it.  Simply know of it. It will come.


As we go through life most of us seek activity in order to avoid the sense of being alone in eternity.  Do not be afraid of this.   Your knowledge of time is created by your mind.


Trillions and trillions of people, like a sea tide coming in, receding, then growing again.  YET NOT ONE OF THEM was exactly like you.  Nor will there be, either now or in the future.  You are unique in the Universe – a tiny particle, a part of a continuous creative process like a coming human tsunami. Yet each of us is ONE.     ALONE.