Chaos in human thought

Chaos in human thought

Three men dealing

It is the chaos that exists in human thought that should concern us all.  Here, wars, famine and mass extermination are created.  Where crime and all the ills of greed, ego and hubris are born.

Understand that money, stock exchanges, banks and valuations are creations of the mind and we can begin to see how we have created a chaos which is driven by the mindless pursuit of money which causes poverty and envy and does not lead to happiness.  Anyone engaged in trading stocks or shares will know that capital, commerce and economics is a form of chaos.

Civilisation is a form of chaos, since chance is always present.  We simply fail to see it as such.  Chance in finance will be found as well as planning mistakes.  Believing we can control random chance is an illusion.  The chaos we make may lead to enlightenment but more probably it will lead to another disaster of epic proportions which will then bring the change of evolution. It will need the invisible power of kindness to change all this.  No scientist can create it, no spiritual leader command it, no business man buy it.  Never knowing it is true poverty.