Chaos of today

Chaos of today may be creating a World Order for tomorrow.

1. When International business has it’s own currency free from change by politicians, banks and currency traders.

2. Mind games with money do not create wealth.

3. Wealth is created by the many, not just the few.

4. People deprived of the means to buy are a lost market.  Creativity can be stifled.

5. Bombing future markets opens the door to competitors and is therefor bad for business.

6. When people realise that their idea of “My Country”is a thought in the mind – it is not a part of the invisible reality.

7. When we cease to confuse cunning and knowledge with intelligence.

8.  When derivatives cease to be used as casino chips and return to their original purpose.

9.  All religions.  Which is more important ?

A) The message ?

B) The messenger ?