Defining Space – Cyber Space

3.CYBER SPACE:  Invisible, It can penetrate most of the other spaces – except the space number 5.  This is altogether different.

The new art yet to come will be the exquisite beauty of the unrevealable inner self.  The search engines and all the I.T. fraternity who work in communication will become the artists of the future creating a global structure for those who seek true reality.  Then the Third Power can emerge.


    4.HUMAN THOUGHT. We do not think of thought as being space because we are conscious of our minds being enclosed and hidden from others. Yet our thoughts can move around like cyber space and can cause chaos anywhere and everywhere.  Thought can build and destroy, create vast cities, do murder and cause war. With our minds we create famine and all the ills of the places where we live.  It is the substance of HUMAN CHAOS.

thought is another type of space


5. TRUE SPACE – The real final frontier.No time, no light, no thought, no particles, no science, no movement.  Nothing.  Empty. Forever.  Beyond any concept of eternity.  This is the space that existed before creation.  It is your final destination.  Do not flinch from this.  To understand this with all your being is to begin to understand the meaning of ‘the invisible reality’.   It is the beginning of both wisdom and FREEDOM.  This is the home of The Third Power.