The new age is in danger

This site is a pictorial communication.

The new age is in danger. The pictures that follow seek to explain and reveal what is to come.  Why there is danger to you.  These pictures should not be copied or distributed.

Be still now.  Look around you.  Think about what is happening.

There is no devil or supernatural evil spirit at work.

Human malice, greed, envy and monumental stupidity have been empowered as never before. Regrettably the foolish and stupid are difficult to change.

What is happening to food?  The rain forests?  The weather?  The Governments who can no longer control the Oligarchs and are therefor becoming powerless. I will tell you what you must do.

Your greatest test is coming.

Hopefully the pictures that follow will ‘talk to you’ and then you will finally know what to do.  Established religions, Science, Witchcraft or Paganism they all deal with the Occult in someway.  I am the Wizard and am all these things.

We must all travel together now and if you wish, I will help you.