What you really are is hidden under the confusion of input from many sources which began almost from birth. Mostly it comes from human minds and can be a source of chaos. Knowledge is not enough when it comes from other minds.  What we reveal to others is a form of protection of our image and sometimes just ego.

Behind this picture is another, painted on the reverse.  The reality of you is invisible.  Thoughts are invisible.  The source of thoughts is invisible. It is quite different from what you think of as reality. Understanding this, your mind can be unfettered and allowed to roam, seeking original thought.  Of course meditation helps, but that is a process of cleansing and relaxing the mind.  What you seek is your own thought.  Original thought, and this is your first key to freedom.


This picture was designed by using 6 inches as a base unit, then using multiples and divisors of that number within a board of 6 ft. X 3ft. to unify all.